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Divine Flavored Catering
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Parked In Front of Nigerian Embassy - 44th St New York, NY 10017
Available: Mon-Fri 10am - 3pm (2nd Ave Location) & 3:30pm - 7pm (3rd Ave Location
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Ogi w/ Akara
Pap with bean cakes. Suitable for vegetarian.
Moi Moi $5.75
Suya $8
Chicken gizzards with plantains.
Peppered Snail $10
Peppered chargrilled goat meat.
Puff Puff (5) $4
Fried Diced Plantains $3
Meat Pie (1) $3.25
Fish Rolls (2) $5
Sausage Rolls (2) $5
Scotch Eggs (2) $7

Goat Meat Pepper Soup $8
Chicken Pepper Soup $8
Tilapia Fish Pepper Soup $10

Grilled Chicken w/ Salad $10
Nigerian Salad $4
Green Garden Salad $4
Coleslaw Salad $4
Salad of the Day $5

Rice/Beans Dishes
Jollof Rice Dish
with pieces of chicken or goat meat or stewed fish for add'l charge
Fried Rice Dish
with pieces of stewed fish or chicken or goat for add'l charge
White Rice w/ Ayamase (Buka Sauce) w/ Dodo
Spicy green pepper sauce.
Ewa Aganyin w/ Dodo
Honeybeans with spicy sauce. Suitable for vegetarian.
Chix, Fish, Meat w/ Agege Bread Roll/Gari Ijebu $16
Honeybeans w/ Sweet Corn & Dodo $14

Served with pounded yam, wheat, eba or amala
Efo Elegusi (Rich Spinach Stew w/ Milled Melon Seed)
with stewed fish, assorted meat pieces or goat meat
Efo Riro (Rich Spinach Stew)
with stewed fish, assorted meat pieces or goat meat
Ila Asepo (Rich Okra Soup Mix)
with stewed fish or assorted meat pieces meat
Ewedu (Corchorus Vegetable Stew)
with stewed fish or assorted meat pieces
Fresh Fish Tilapia in Homemade Stew $15
Ogbona Soup
Assorted beef stew/fish.
Bitter Leaf Soup (Igbo Style) $17
Stock Fish
Panla only.

Special Meals
Suitable for vegetarians
Honeybeans Sweet Corn & Plantain $14
Green Plantain w/ Chicken or Goat $15
Boiled Yam w/ Chicken, Fish or Meat
Chopped red bell pepper & spicy sauce.
Yam Porridge (Asaro)
w/ chicken or fish or goat or vegetables for extra charge

Bitter Lemon $4
Malta Guinness $3
Snapple $2.5
Tropicana OJ $2.75
Bottled Water $2
Soda $2
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