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1.The food was really great! Buka sauce is on point!!!! I haven't tried the jollof yet. I think the suya could be more moist but is is definitely better than the last one i had. That buka sauce is God sent!
2.Am so grateful,Chai people love the food especially the moi moi I didn't see to taste it sef,the iyan and efo was not enough the guest rush it an abandon the rice no left over.good comments from people. Am so happy thank, thank you .ese modupe.
Amimat and olawale obayemis wedding

3.Thank you so much for the good. The party was a big success!
4.Just wanted to say thank you very much for catering the food for my in laws wedding. The was amazing and very much happy with your services. Thanks
Justina (Pennsylvania).
5.As always. The food was great!
Thank you
Jide (conneticut)
6.The food was really good, thank you.
funkazi (conneticut)
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